There are so many types of nipple covers on the market. 
There are so many different shapes, sizes and types; silicone, fabric, and plastic. 
But it all depends on what you want to achieve. It could be that you want to conceal the nipples from showing through your clothes or avoid nipple chafing or make your boobs look bigger while not wearing a bra. 
The silicone, chicken fillet type ones are great to give a little extra body. They also give your boobs a little lift, however, they can look bulky and don't sit in the right spot sometimes. The worst is that they come off and slide everywhere when you sweat. 
The plastic and colourful ones that come in different shapes and colours are ideal for festivals. They are also great to wear under sheer or mesh tops on a night out. They are super cute and look very cute. 
But the fabric disposable nipple covers are the best on the market. Most nipple covers don’t get stuck to the skin effectively and start to come off as soon as there is sweat or when you move around like dancing. Most of them are poor-quality pasties, that could come off anytime leaving you feeling silly in front of a crowd. 
La Femme Petite satin nipple pasties are the best for a night out or all-day wear. They are made out of soft satin fabric that stays smooth with your skin for up to 12 hrs!! They are also great to help avoid nipple chafing! 
The reviews speak for themselves.
La Femme Petite Nipple covers come in 3 shades. You can opt for glossy or matt. They come in Fair, Tan and Brown, so we got you covered!
Currently we are also having a sale for a limited time!! A set of 10 pasties down to $15.99 from $19.99!