Our body shapes fluctuate all the time. Whether it's eating a little more in winter or because you're working too much and not eating proper meals or another one of many reasons that make our bodies change shape so much.

During the pandemic alone, we all went through serious lifestyle changes. During isolation, our eating habits changed, our physical activity decreased and most of us gained weight.
When these unplanned body shape changes happen it is hard to not feel any guilt or shame. Most of the time changing of body shape is just a normal reaction to abnormal circumstances.
On top of this, the guilty and self-deprecating feelings increase when your clothes don't fit properly anymore.

Why should your body adjust to your clothes and not your clothes to your body?
At La Femme Petite we offer fully adjustable lingerie. Both our Pink Champagne and Lucille collections are adjustable to fit your whole body.
So even if you gain or lose a little bit of weight you can fit into the same size that you have always been able to and not feel any guilt or shame.

There is nothing worse than gaining a little weight and your thong or your bra digs into your body creating indents.
Our Lucille bra panty set along with the garter are fully adjustable in every way. The bra has adjustable straps with gold hardware at the back, the thong has adjustable straps on the hips and the garter belt is adjustable both around the waist and down the legs.

The Pink Champagne bodysuit is fully adjustable on the shoulders, under the bust, around the waist and the hips. Also the bra panty set, just like the Lucille set is fully adjustable underbust and on the hips.

Feeling sexy and empowered is a right we all should have access to. So now what to do when underwear doesn't fit for any reason? You adjust them to fit your shape because here at La Femme Petite we got you covered.