Our Story

La Femme Petite is a celebration of bodies and femininity. 

La Femme Petite was founded by Darni, a petite woman who grew up in a small town in Sri Lanka undergoing a civil war. Despite facing countless challenges, Darni never lost sight of her dream to empower women and create a space where they could feel included and express themselves freely.

Growing up in a society where women's voices, empowerment, and rights were not valued, Darni experienced first-hand the negative effects of body shaming and bullying. As a petite woman, she was often subjected to harassment and mistreatment simply because of her size.

Determined to overcome these obstacles, Darni worked tirelessly to make her way to Australia where she could start a new chapter in her life. It was there that she founded La Femme Petite, a lingerie label designed to empower petite women and provide them with a welcoming and inclusive shopping experience.

The mission of La Femme Petite is to create a community where petite women can feel confident and comfortable expressing themselves. Whether through lingerie or other means, Darni is dedicated to helping women find their voice and stand tall in their own skin.

At La Femme Petite, we believe that every woman deserves to feel beautiful and confident in her own skin. So join us on this journey to empower women and make a statement with every piece we sell.