It is no secret that wearing lingerie for your partner can make you feel beautiful, sometimes even more than being naked in a romantic setting.
There is a disconnection in our brains that makes us think that we should wear pretty things on special occasions.
But a lot of lingerie wearers buy beautiful lingerie just to make themselves feel good.
You think you can't wear hot skivvies on a random Tuesday afternoon? Think again!
White lace lingerie, petite underwear, luxurious panty and bra
Wearing beautiful and good quality lingerie can really boost the morale of the wearer. It's like that old saying, 'when you look good, you feel good'.
There level of self-care that goes into buying lingerie for yourself, even if no one else might even see and you're literally just doing it for yourself. Everything we buy for ourselves is a form of self-care.
Feeling good and feeling beautiful is a fundamental right. Wearing things to make you feel beautiful no matter what size you are is so important. Here at La Femme Petite, I make petite lingerie so there is a place for petite women to buy lingerie.
Wearing beautiful lingerie is a celebration of your body. Even if you're heading to work and no one can actually see what you're wearing, just the knowledge of you knowing that you are wearing expensive lingerie gives you that extra boost that you need.
We must always work toward taking care of ourselves. We all deserve to feel our best all the time. When you put effort into the things you wear, it makes a difference to your mood and outlook. What’s more, there’s no better place to start than with your underwear.