There is a lot of advice around what the best bra is to wear for different body shapes and different occasions. However, the best bra styles for big breasts and small busts are still a grey area. It is not as simple as padded bras for small breasts and underwire bras for larger breasts.

A lot depends on what you want as well. As a petite woman myself, when I was in my early 20s, all I wanted were bras that were so padded they almost felt like armour. Even then, the bra cup is too big and there would be a gap between the boobs and the bra creating a massive gape. The other option back in the day was sports bras/ crops. I mean they are still super cute to go to the gym and even lounge around the house in, but we would like a bit more in terms of options, right?

Then bralettes became a thing. These were and still are perfect for petite women. Some were cute and lacy, while the others were dark and sexy. You could wear them under most things and you could even show them off through your clothes. They were way more feminine than sports bras, but still, the choices are limited.

As I got older, the need to wear heavily padded bras faded. I was starting to look for more feminine bra options for my small breasts while embracing my natural size. I was starting to find underwire bras appealing. But I could not find any in any lingerie store.
A beautiful underwire bra for small breasts would be an amazing option if that was available.
Underwire bras have traditionally been an item of clothing that has been worn by women with large breasts. The purpose of the underwire is to lift and create a desirable round shape for your breasts. The lack of availability of underwire bras for petite women was really disheartening.
At La Femme Petite I have made a set that caters to women who wear as petite as AA size cups.
Underwire bras are so flttering and feminine. As petite women, we would love to wear beautiful lingerie that makes us feel elegant and empowered right?
To conclude, the best bras for small busts is what you desire to wear. We all should have access to different kinds of bra styles to make us feel sexy and beautiful.