Good lingerie can really set the tone for your day. Lingerie should make everybody type feel good no matter what size you are. It is difficult to find lingerie if you don't fall into the perfect body size defined by society. The options for something that is designed to make you feel ultra-feminine and empowered is limited.
As a petite woman, I struggled all my life to find lingerie that fitted me and made me feel beautiful. So I was always on the hunt for small bras and short garter belts before starting La Femme Petite
So IS there such a thing as petite lingerie? The word petite is quite commonly used to define small in stature. However, petite actually means short in height. When it comes to lingerie, petite lingerie is mainly small bras, more precisely, bras with small cup sizes such as A and AA.
At La Femme Petite, I strive to make lingerie that not only fits women who are looking for small bras but also small women who are looking for small bras with large cup sizes. Not only this, at La Femme Petite we make lingerie that fits women under 5'2. Our Pink Champagne bodysuit fits women under 5'2 and our garter belts have a size range that fits women under 5'2 as well as over 5'2.
There are a few labels that have popped up in the last couple of years understanding this need in the market. Dear Eve Lingerie, The Little Bra Company and Le Petit Trou are some of them.
At La Femme Petite I have already created a few small collections while keeping petite women in mind. Women who are not only slight in stature but also curvy and short. Currently, La Femme Petite lingerie extends up to size 34 and will continue to expand the sizing as we grow and expand as a label to cover more body shapes and sizes.