Since 2020 wearing underwear as outerwear has turned into a thing. It’s not as hard as you think. The trend of wearing lingerie bodysuits under jeans are also kind of old news now. There are more innovative ways to get creative with lingerie now. Also, we are slowly starting to get tired of concealing our delicate bras and bodysuits underneath tent dresses and oversized Ts.

Layering lingerie is the new fashion fetish and here is all you need to know about it.


Expose Your Bra

This is no longer a wardrobe malfunction. Ditch the beige bras and get your hands on some pretty coloured bras. Then all you need is a sheer top, dress, or a dress to go over it and you are set. I love wearing my sets underneath cute sheer tops.  






Oversize it

A cool oversized blazer or a coat is the perfect piece to show off your lingerie without making it look indecent. I love this all-white inner ensemble paired with a brick red jacket. It shows off the delicate lingerie perfectly. It’s the kind of outfit that will make everyone’s heads turn when you walk into the room



Another one of my favourite looks is to wear this stunning fur jacket with my pink champagne bodysuit. The bodysuit is so edgy, and the contrasting colours just give the whole look very fashion week vibes.




Reverse Layering

Why don’t we take the showing off the lingerie another step forward and bring it outside of the top. Pretty daring I know but let’s be on-trend and not indecent. Find that beautiful bra you want to show off and keep the rest of the look minimal. 



Colour Coding

Bralettes are so perfect for the summer. You can definitely wear them as a top. I love matching the bralette to my bottoms. This Céline sage bralette is perfect with these sage pants. Makes it look like a set and also is super trendy.



Dopamine dressing trend started in 2021. The premise of dopamine dressing is actively choosing to wear clothing that brings you joy. This will result in not only an elevated appearance but an elevated mood, too. So don’t be confined to society standards and wear what makes you happy.