Valentine’s Day is not far away, and it comes with the pressure of making it the most romantic day of the year. You just need some simple tips and a can-do attitude. Remember, sexiness is 80% how you feel. These little tips will take it all the way.
Plan a sex date
We all get really busy, so there is nothing wrong with making time for sex. The norm has always been spontaneity is better than making an appointment but it’s 2022, things have changed. Just do what needs to be done to make us happy.
Try and get out of the house. Maybe invest in a staycation. Home is nice and comfortable, but it is also where all the stress lies as well. You’re thinking about the laundry that you have to put away, the kids are there, you remember that you have to mop the floor; they are all libido killers. That is why it is a great idea to find a babysitter to take care of the little ones if you have any and make time for the two of you without any distractions.
Sexting is a fabulous way to build up anticipation. Send each other what you want to do to each other or what your fantasies are during the day and by the time the date happens you have your own script all written out.
Try something new
Get out of the bedroom. If you have the place yourselves, try having sex on the couch, bathroom, the kitchen, just somewhere new. You can always make your way to the bedroom, but it will be fun at least to start and get in the mood somewhere else.
Try using toys with each other or new moves or even role play. You can meet at a bar like strangers and make your way home or to your staycation. You can try some new moves as the new person you are during this date. The options are endless, and this is the opportunity to make it the night of your desires. Be creative so you don’t fall back into the same-old boring routine.
Take care of yourself
When you feel good about your body you are more willing to have fun with it. We don’t always feel like sexy goddesses but there are things you can do to boost your self-esteem. Grooming yourself is one of the biggest things. Get a wax or shave, get your nails painted, wash your hair, and maybe give it a little style. Take pride in yourself and your body.
Look after yourself. Eat right leading up to the date. Exercise regularly. Regular exercise improves mood, boost energy and will put the spark back in your sex life.
Create the right vibe
For most of us women, the vibe is everything. Get rid of clutter. Try creating that away from the home vibe in your own bedroom. First of all, get rid of all family photos and office equipment if you have any. Invest in some new sheets with the highest thread count per inch count you can find that is super silky to touch. You will feel like you’re in a hotel room on them. Get robes that are fluffy or silly depending on the weather so you can slip into them to lounge around in before or after.
Make sure the ambience is on point with lighting and smells. We love beautiful mood lighting. Add some scented candles to enhance the lighting and create a pleasant aroma.
Make a Spotify playlist for the date. Include all your favourite sexy songs and play it in the background. Trust me, nothing like making love to some sensual beats.
Look and feel confident.
From time to time it is normal for us to feel like our confidence is slipping away. It could be a bad hair day, a bad day at work or just feeling a bit down in general. This is the time to take care of it. Wearing something that is designed to make you feel sexy WILL be a huge step towards feeling sexy. When you wear something that flatters you and makes you feel awesome, it can change your entire outlook. Lingerie can express your mood and personality. You can be whoever you want to be. A sweet and elegant diva in Lucille three-piece set, sexy seductress in Pink Champagne bodysuit or the goddess of anyone's dreams in Céline Collection.
Darni x