I love wearing matching underwear. Even if the set is not an actual set, the feeling you have knowing that you are wearing matching underwear is like you have your shit together that day.  It’s lot about how it makes you feel. 
“It’s what underneath that matters”
This makes a lot of sense. When you wear beautiful lingerie, you know that you look good underneath all your outerwear layers. Knowing that you look great underneath gives you a great sense of confidence and empowerment. If you’re a cotton underwear kind of girl wearing lace could be a bit of a transition. However, there are so many beautiful and comfortable lace options out there for you to try.
According to most of my customers, La Femme Petite Lucille white lace set is extremely comfortable. Lucille is a classic white lace set made of stretch lace and gold hardware that is both sensual and provocative. Lucille Balconette adjustable straps on the back make you look beautiful not only from the front but also from the back. It is perfect for a beautiful backless dress as well.
Lucille Garter comes in size ranges to fit women not only under 5’2 but also who are over 5’2.
Lucille range comes in petite bra sizes as well, because we all should have access to things that make us feel beautiful.
A beautiful lace bralette could be another great option. A supportive bra that is still lacy and sexy. The Céline collection has beautiful and supportive bralettes that would make anyone feel like a sweet goddess. The invisible under bust lining helps to keep breasts that go up to DD secure and supported. The colours Sage Green is sweet yet sensual and Crimson Rose is daring and provocative. What ever the mood you’re in Céline Collection will have you covered.
We are all sexual beings. Lingerie is a celebration of that sexuality. So even if you don't think you're not sexy enough for lingerie, (which is not true we are all sexy no matter what size we are) lingerie will take it your sexuality and confidence to a whole new level
Darni x