Our bodies are beautiful mechanisms; our home for life. Yet, we spend so much time comparing our bodies to others. "I  love you". How many times have you said this to others? It just rolls out of your tongue, whether it's your partner, a family member or a good friend. How many times do you look into the mirror and say I love you to the person looking back? We come in all different shapes and sizes. We are unique and beautiful in our own way.
La Femme Petite petite lingerie. Black and pink set
Doing things to love and reward our bodies and mind should be our first priority. Today the concept of lingerie has changed to empowerment and building confidence amongst us.
Sometimes when I feel down, one of my favourite self-care routines is to get into my favourite set made by La Femme Petite (which includes the best bra for small breasts in Australia) and give my self a mini facial while watching something light and funny on Netflix.
Trust me and try this at home. When you're feeling down. Just wear your favourite lingerie and just walk around the room and check yourself out in the mirror in heels for a few mins and you will feel so good!! Your mood will be restored. Put your favourite music on for added hype.
As someone who was always super petite, finding lingerie for my petite frame was always soo hard. Finding bras for a flat chest in Australia is not easy. Wearing heavily padded bras for small chests make me feel worse, not better.
So I wanted to create a safe space that petite women can shop safely without feeling excluded. We make lingerie for women who are as short as 4'10 who goes up to size 10 in curves and C cup in bras. We believe in celebrating and empowering our bodies no matter what size.
La Femme Petite pink and black petite lingerie
Here at La femme Petite we fiercely believe in the act of self-love. Think of all the ways you shower affection on those you love. Wearing beautiful, sexy lingerie is not only to impress and have hot damn sex with someone but also to feel good and sexy. There's no shame in treating yourself well and looking after your number one, YOU. You can choose to declare it to the world or keep it to yourself. It's just appreciating your body in its natural glory. Get in our Pink Champagne set or the bodysuit and you will feel like the queen that you deserve to be.
Darni x