This is not a blog about lingeries. I'm sharing a personal story of myself today as a petite child and a teen growing into a woman. Some of these experiences shaped me to start a brand to cater to petite women today.

I have always been super tiny and the only one in my family who is this petite. I have a theory on that but I'm not sure whether it's true. You can tell me what you think.

I grew up in a small rural town in Sri Lanka. When I was about 9 months old I was contracted cholera disease which nearly killed me. It was a time of conflict in Sri Lanka and there were so many refugees given shelter, at major schools around the area I lived. We happened to live within walking distance of 3 of them. The hygiene was at its lowest, apparently I had contracted the disease through a fly. While I was admitted to the hospital, my mum says that there was a period when my whole body had turned blue, cold and only my heart was beating. I was given so many shots of different drugs I used to start crying whenever I saw the uniform of a nurse. Again I was just nine months old. “So many babies died who were being treated in the same ward,” says my mum tearing up every time she mentions it to this day. I used to be a chubby baby before and I never went up to a normal weight after that, hence my theory.

(When I was about 7 months old)

My size didn’t bother me much till I started at a new high school in the city. I grew up in a small rural town and everything was simple there. When I was 14 my mom put me in a reputable posh school in the city and all the girls were very much into grown-up stuff. I never really felt very sexy or feminine during my teenage years. On a side note, I also had terrible style back then haha! I used to have to shop in the kid's department when I went clothes shopping. I mean there weren't and still aren't many choices for petite girls. I still shop in the kids' section at the shops sometimes even now. Teenage girls can be really cruel and I was often reminded of my size and childish I looked.

I think it fully hit me in my early 20s. I was a full-grown adult but still looked like a kid. Babyface, no boobs, no butt, super skinny and lanky, the whole kit and caboodle.

(When I was around 20 years old)

When I was 21 in 2008 I miraculously managed to secure a job at Emirates Airlines. It was my childhood dream and this was before moving to Australia in 2010. Again I looked super young and tiny. A girl in an airline hostess uniform is considered super sexy. But everything drooped around me. Even the smallest size they offered, I still had to get them altered, and even then everything was huge on me. I never felt like I fitted in. Most other girls looked stunning and towered over me. Always felt like a kid and never felt like anyone even took me seriously.
I remember one of the senior male stewards said to me " You have a pretty face but we men like something to grab on to" I was so timid back then so I just laughed with everyone while dying on the inside.

But over time I started to love all the pretty bits and also all the imperfections I used to call back in the day.
It took me ages to just love my body the way it is. I wanted to get my boobs done for the longest time. I kind of made peace with that in my mid 20's. Today I'm so glad I never got them done. I think having small boobs is as sexy as having big boobs. It's all about how you feel
I always wanted to create a brand to make clothes that made me feel included as an adult. It was never the right time. I am so glad I took the plunge and made it happen. At La Femme Petite I want to create lingerie that accentuates all the petite aspects of a person's body and make them feel sultry, sexy and out of this world gorgeous. I want to make petite bras for women that would make them feel amazing and empowered about having small boobs. As if they will almost be grateful for having small boobs not the other way around. This is rare as we are constantly bombarded with images of what is perceived as ‘perfect’ breasts, complete with suggestive poses, angles and overtly sexualised photographs, which could easily create a major negative impact on the mental health of a woman with small breasts. I certainly was one of them.

Today, I eat well, I work out when I can, I don’t abuse my body with anything extreme and I am happy with the result. Sometimes I go without working out for ages because other things in my life take priority (like running a small business while working 30hrs a week on the side to fund it). I am not as skinny as I used to be anymore. I've put on a bit of weight everywhere in the last couple of years. I try and work out every second day but try not to be too hard on myself if I don't make it. Sometimes I go for a week without even getting into my workout gear and it's ok. On a side note, I have been focusing on getting a booty as much as I can and it is slowly paying off. I'm stoked!! haha!

Today I am comfortable wearing skin-tight stuff, baggy stuff, looking fashionable or looking average in trackies and no makeup.
I am a freaking 33 old petite woman that looks like I’m in my mid to early ’20s! OMG, why the heck would I not be grateful???
I am so lucky that I can run around, workout and I’m fully mobile. This body takes me to places, lets me experience love, life and laughter.
Some days I look like a queen slaying and somedays I look like the ‘hired help’, either way, I feel good in myself.

Pink and black lingerie. Sheer mesh and black elastic. Petite sizes available. (Earlier in 2021 and 33 years old)

The moment I became comfortable with my self and started to love my body for what it was; I didn’t care what anyone else thought xx
Today I laugh when people abuse me at the absurdity of the whole thing and straight away feel sad for them.
Be grateful for what you have. We are all so unique and wonderfully weird whatever the shape, colour or ethnicity we are.

Hope you enjoyed the read
Much love
Darni xx