We are bringing you a series of ‘petite body blogs’ by a charismatic, authentic and hilariously funny Whitsundays body confident Mum of 2, budding trophy wife and lingerie lover, Wanita from Moments of Salt.

I’m just here to impress!

  1. Society

  2. Men

  3. Social media

  4. Those that look in judgement

  5. Those who assume and gossip


Being a woman and thinking you’re ugly and looking back at pictures when you also thought you were ugly at the time and being like OMG I was so hot.

And never actually remembering what it was like to be hot at the time because you thought you were ugly. @ammieehw


  1. turning 39 this July

  2. 2 kids

  3. 2 caesareans

  4. Loose skin

  5. Crooked teeth

  6. Age lines in my face


Pressure from society to look younger, fitter, leaner, curvier, Botox, fillers, wear the latest fashions blah blah blah!


Before social media we thought those who took care of themselves and had pride in their appearance where self absorbed and stuck up, thought they were beautiful.

Turns out we could learn a thing or two from them!


This is how I look, genetically I’m 5foot 2, I have a small frame, it’s ridiculous that socially we hate on each other for our body types.


Don’t we just love to hate!


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