We are bringing you a series of ‘petite body blogs’ by a charismatic, authentic and hilariously funny Whitsundays body confident Mum of 2, budding trophy wife and lingerie lover, Wanita from Moments of Salt.
Who likes a bodysuit?
Hands up - yes or no!

Only as I’ve gotten older, I’ve started to wear them.
I’m still not a fan of the button or hooks. I feel like they are uncomfortable, bulky and are too wide for my body.

However, I have some beautiful bodysuits, and over the years, have had many. From very cheap wear once and discard, to very expensive and wear over and over!

I also have a few very beautiful bodysuit wardrobe staples. If you are into clothing basics that you can switch up and change the layers, I find a bodysuit to be very versatile.

However, I have learned one very valuable lesson over the years.

If you are wearing a bodysuit and are going out into a situation where a wardrobe malfunction could be very dangerous
You are not intending for your bodysuit to be ripped off in a spontaneous passionate fashion!

I suggest wearing underwear underneath!

Why you ask!?

Picture this scene...
It’s a red carpet event, there are many people present, you open your car door, your skirt is not short however it has ridden up in the car ride, you swing your leg out to step out of the car and
your bodysuit buttons pop open!

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