When it comes to clothing, the goal of a petite girl is to find something that fits them. Most of the time it's finding something that fits, THEN you look into finding out whether they look good or suit you haha!
It is incredibly hard to find bras for petite girls.  All we want is to look and feel sexy. Not only that, less accessible products like petite lingerie are, more you feel like you don't belong or are not included.
Some brands carry petite sizes like Pretty Little Thing and ASOS. However, the styles are limited. It is not a nice to feeling to have when it's obvious that if I'm petite then I don't have access to most of the styles a brand offers. The funny thing is that the average Australian woman is a tad shorter than 5'4.
It is so hard to find a bodysuit that fits the length of your short torso aaaand fits the boobs at the same time. I mean the number of times I have been to lingerie shops to find something sexy for me and have come out feeling rejected. As dramatic as this sounds, honestly this is harder to swallow than not being to find a pair of jeans that fit me properly. We wear lingerie to make us feel sexy and empowered. When it is hard to find petite lingerie like small bra sizes or bodysuits that fit our little torso it is a huge bummer. It's like we don't qualify to look sexy.
On top of being called insufferable things like “feisty”, “fun size”, "pocket rocket" and  “tough little cookie” your entire life,  having a body size that not included in the general retail industry is pretty much the cherry on top.
People are often mistaken to think that buying ‘petite’ simply means buying size zero. Our short-statured build also known as petite, come in a variety of shapes and sizes – from stretched-length torsos to perfectly proportionate, from top-heavy to having boobs that’d almost pass for an A, and everything in between.
This is why La Femme Petite was brought to life so we can make sure we can cater to not only size zero petite but also a size 10 petite with boobs bigger than a size A. We also want to make sure that all our styles come in petite sizes.
We can't wait to launch our first collection, Pink Champagne to see you look fab and rock our pieces.