Hands up who has been to a psychologist?


The first time I went, that night I felt so light and free of the swirling vortex in my head that I dreamt I was flying.


Why did I go you ask? That's the million-dollar question.

We were having marital problems.

Thousands of dollars spent on a psychologist, to work out what I could have read in

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.


Do you watch 'Couples Therapy' on SBS

If not, go watch it, it's rather interesting, if you don't have any lightbulb moments, then you have a really robust relationship.


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I learned, that when I am emotionally stressed or not in a good headspace, I don't have the desire, want, need, or drive to have sex.

This is true in my current relationship also. The difference is now, I recognise it, recentre and don't allow this to become an issue in and out of the bedroom.

I also realised that I was more than capable of using sex as a tool of punishment and bribery. eg I want a new camera, sewing machine, dress, shoes etc... I'll give you a #blowjob or whatever sexual position you like in order to get it......

or if you're being a dick, you won't get sex for 2 weeks.


Tony Robbins talks about relationship rules and how it's important not to hold relationships at ransom. #guiltyascharged

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