Update .01
Hello everyone, I (aka Darni, owner/ the whole team at La Femme Petite) thought to take over the blog today to give you an update on what is happening behind the scenes at La Femme Petite.
So it has been just over three months since the launch and I have sold quite a few pieces from the Pink Champagne Collection and nipple pasties!
Considering that I used to work as a stylist but have no design background whatsoever, I am so happy with the outcome. I learned so much during the process of making this collection that I can take with me to future collections.
The biggest thing that has been a constant struggle with so many learning curves is manufacturers. I have had so many issues with manufacturers since I have started my business, it is not even funny. 
I have gone through so many manufacturers in the process. Some I had to let go who dropped me at the last minute because they can't produce the quality I want or I can't agree to the quantities they want to sell to me.  Since I am a small business and can only order lingerie in very small quantities, my business gets the least amount of priority as well. I am sure I will figure out a solution soon.
Anyway...... rant over! Thank you for listening xx
I also have the most exciting news!! I am bringing two collections out soon!
I doing this stunning lingerie set in Sage Green and Crimson Rose that will be available to preorder by mid to end of July! Trust me the colours are soo pretty and this set is soooo flattering. I am going to call this lingerie set Céline which means 'heavenly'. I am also only probably going to do a limited amount of pieces from both colours, to start with at least. There is a possibility that the manufacture might try to mess me over when I want to order more. I just have a gut feeling that they will put the price up when I come back to order more. Hopefully not!
BUT..... you will love Céline!! Trust me!
Make sure you sign up to La Femme Petite News so you get updates on the pre order release with a little discount.
The next collection is going to be this elegant and sexy three-piece lace set with an underwire bra complete with a garter belt!! Eeeek! This collection is called Lucille and will come in some very petite sizes such as AA cups and garter belts to fit ladies under 5'2. This three piece lingerie set will also come in black and white to start with. I am sooo excited! This will give so many petite women the opportunity to wear something that will fit them properly and make them feel so beautiful and sexy!! ( I am literally welling up talking about this)
Unfortunately, I don't have enough funds to do this set in all the sizes required and both two colours, so I will be doing a crowdfunding campaign to give you the opportunity to pay for it in advance for a cheaper price than retail. I can't wait! This will give the people who will benefit from this set the opportunity to get it for cheaper while I receive enough funds to actually pay for this collection and most other expenses that come with it.
This is all that's happening behind the scenes at La Femme Petite at the moment.
I am doing a shoot for Céline on the 11th of July. If you want to get a sneak peek follow La Femme Petite on Instagram here.
Thank you for reading and I am so grateful to you for your support.
Darni x