Sometimes we just don’t want to wear a bra. As much as ‘Free the Nipple’ is liberating, sometimes we just don’t want nipple chafing or have them pointing all night. Even during the day, I mean you wouldn’t go to a job interview with your nipples pointing through your shirt, right?
There are times we feel super confident and uncaring but then there are other times that we need to know that our little boobies are secure and tucked in without flashing anyone.
I mean you have that gorgeous strappy backless dress for your night out, and there would be nothing more annoying than having embarrassing flashbacks of you having a million nip slips after a few drinks.

Most nipple covers don’t get stuck to the skin effectively and starts to come off as soon there is sweat or any other activity. Most of them are poor-quality pasties, that could come off anytime that could leave you feeling ashamed in front of a crowd. La Femme Petite satin nipple pasties are the best for a night out. They are made out of soft satin fabric that stays smooth with your skin up to 12 hrs!! The reviews speak for themselves.

How do you choose between reusable and disposable nipple covers? There are a few factors to think about. Reusable nipple covers can be washed and used again and again several times which is great! However most of them are made out of silicone and most times look like you have bulging nipples. You know the ones I’m talking about, they are usually small and round or in a shape of a flower. Where as most disposable nipple pasties are quote flat.
La Femme Petite nipple pasties are smooth and simple that just stays literally one with your skin all night. No high beamers or bulging nipples that could make your nipples look like a flower. I mean the pro in this situation is that you would turn a few heads, the con, for the wrong reasons haha!

Do your nipples get wet while wearing a padded bra? If yes, then it might be an annoying situation for you. You might always wonder how to stop this sweating forever. But how? If you want your nipples to get rid of sweating, you must go for a perfect nipple cover. To avoid continuous sweating, start wearing nipple covers while going out at night. You have to keep in mind that you need to purchase breathable nipple covers that are also breathable. After all, your nipples need some fresh air to avoid stickiness and rashes. On top of that, the nipple pasties need to be waterproof. When you’re on the dance floor you need something that won’t come off mid twerk because you have been sweating up a storm. La Femme Petite nipple pasties are completely waterproof and breathable! They won’t come off until you literally peel them off yourself.
La Femme Petite Nipple covers come in 3 shades. You can opt for glossy or matt. They come in Fair, Tan and Brown, so we got you covered!

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Don’t miss out on the perfect pasties for your night out x