We are bringing you a series of ‘petite body blogs’ by a charismatic, authentic and hilariously funny Whitsundays body confident Mum of 2, budding trophy wife and lingerie lover, Wanita from Moments of Salt.

I follow some amazing positive body bloggers. I admire their courage and confidence. Then I get shot down for being a size 6 and blogging with no real insight into the struggles other women go through!


Now hang on honey!

Yes I’m petite

Size 6 /8

5 foot 2


Do you think I don’t have issues, how long have you got!


I’m pushing 40

Had 2 kids

I’ve got fake breast because I didn’t feel feminine or sexy or have confidence.

I had an eating disorder because what I saw in the mirror was not what I saw on social media.

I’ve deliberately skipped meals.

Not exercised to drop weight.

Spent hours in the gym on the leg press machine trying to grow a bigger ass.

Cut off my magnificent long red hair because it was connected to my identity and I didn’t like who people thought I was.

Worn clothes I’m not proud of.

Behaved in ways and done things I’m not proud of.


Just because I look like the perfect body you want, doesn’t mean I like it!


Why should I be 'sized shamed' by others, I’m genetically this size, and I own it!


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