For women with small breasts, the struggle to find small bra sizes is real. The perk is that we don't need a lot of support like women with large breasts do. However, finding a bra for small breasts that are also sexy is not a fun task.
Being a 5'2 woman who is a size 4 with size A cup boobs, I always struggled to find bras for small breasts. I mean who wants to wander into the teenage section and buy a bra covered with flowers or Micky made for a 12-year-old to wear under your workshirt? Thank god for self check out as I hated approaching the checkout counter and handing over items. Then you try to explain yourself like "you know there are no bras for my size in the adult section" and laugh like it's the funniest joke ever when it's not even a joke. The checkout person looks at you like "I didn't even ask" and there is the long awkward silence till they go that's, whatever the price was of the products.
Ah, the whole way home you're just reliving the moments in embarrassment. Honestly finding small bra sizes should not be this hard. Also, bras for small boobs that are affordable. Let's be honest. I can't afford a set for $200.
So I decided to conquer this struggle and make my own bras.
I mean the first collection is only a triangle bra set because I literally had and still barely have any idea on how to design. But they are very unique and the first collection will be out soon! The bras and the bodysuits will be perfect for ladies who are looking for small bra sizes.
Can't wait to show you
Darni x