Why the gap for small bra sizes

Since the introduction of social media, so many more women suffer from eating disorders, sleep issues, depression and anxiety. This is mainly due to cyberbullying and unreasonable social standards. Most of the time we feel the pressure to look like what body shape is in trend at the time.
I remember back in the day when all I owned were heavily padded bras for small busts. All I wanted was big boobs so I had so many of these heavily padded bras.  I can't believe how ridiculous they looked! The padded bits were twice the size of my actual boobs!! I was so into them. I don’t think the thought of wearing any bras without padding even crossed my mind till about 5 years ago.  It took me a long to get used to it. I mean I never owned sexy lace bras. They were always bralettes or sports bras at the time.
I got rid of my last dozen or so of padded bras a couple of years ago for good and has never looked back.
I think a part of the problem is the lack of small cup size bras in the market. There are no sexy bras for women with flat chests.
Why aren't there any bras for flat chests? I mean every woman regardless of their size would love to feel beautiful and sexy. 
In so many ways different body shapes and individuality are celebrated today. More and more brands are catering to different body shapes. 
It is difficult to find small cup size bras. I don't know why. There are so many women with very small busts. It's not always to look sexy for a guy for a guy. Most of the time it is to make yourself feel sexy or to feel badass or just because!
The market needs more small cup size bras. Beautiful bras for flat chests as well as large breasts. We all deserve to feel beautiful and sexy. 
La Femme Petite will change this.
Darni x