Petite, Seductive and Daring

The first lingerie collection by La Femme Petite, designed specifically with petite women in mind. As a petite woman myself, it was important for me to create a collection that celebrates the sensuality and power of petite women.

Crafted from sheer pink mesh and dark bold black straps, the Pink Champagne collection perfectly balances the softness and strength of a petite woman. The delicate pink mesh adds a touch of femininity, while the bold black straps represent the strength and confidence of a woman who knows what she wants.

This collection is designed to fit petite women perfectly, with every detail carefully considered to flatter and accentuate the petite figure. From the cut of the cups to the placement of the straps, every aspect of this collection is designed to make petite women feel confident and beautiful.

So if you're a petite woman looking for lingerie that celebrates your sensuality and power, look no further than Pink Champagne. This collection is a celebration of everything that makes petite women unique, and it's sure to make you feel beautiful, powerful, and confident in your own skin.