Garter belts! As a petite woman, it seems like an impossible dream. Either they are too big around the waist or the suspenders are too long that they go down to your knees. That’s the bigger issue. Suspenders for short ladies never used to be readily available in the market.


So, what do you look for when you are looking for the perfect garter for your petite frame? Also, note petite is not tiny, petite actually means short.

The fit is one of the biggest issues

A garter belt must fit perfectly! Most women love to wear them at the natural waist rather than the hips. So, finding that garter belt that fits your waist properly is so important. The perfectly fitted garter will hug your waist giving you that hourglass look.

Garter Belt For Petite Women

Getting a garter belt that is adjustable at the back are the best so you can adjust perfectly to your body. At La Femme Petite we carry garter belts for petite women who are under 5’2 who are as little size 4 (0) all the way up to

The suspenders are a huge part of the garter. I mean even if you are not going to use it to hold the stockings up, it is not a good look when the suspenders go as far as your knees. Lucille Collection at La Femme Petite carries a garter belt range that fit women under 5’2! Only women who are slim but for women who are curvy too! The Petite size range goes up to size 14 (10 US) who are under 5’2.

When your shopping online, make sure to always check out the size chart. Sizes differ from country to country and brand to brand. If you look at the sizing chart you will be fine. At La Femme Petite we have a full comprehensive sizing chart that you can use to make sure your garter belt will fit you perfectly.


The look is also another major factor to consider. I mean how many beautiful lace garter belts are there in the market for petite women? The whole point of wearing lingerie is to feel feminine, sexy and beautiful. The Lucille garter from La Femme Petite features sweet picot elastic and adjustable scalloped elastic trims. All the hardware is gold completing the sensual ensemble with regal elegance.