If you're like most people, the summer months mean warmer weather, more skin exposure and dealing with unbearable heat. Wearing a satin nipple cover can help prevent chafing and discomfort from clothing. The summer months can be super harsh and hot. With La Femme Petite nipple covers, you can even go out without a bra to keep things cooler.

Here are a few tips for wearing La Femme Petite satin nipple covers:
1. All our pasties fit well and stay in place. You don't want to be constantly adjusting them throughout the day. La Femme Petite nipple pasties are made of breathable fabric that stays in place for over 12hrs
2. Choose a colour that blends in with your skin tone. Here at La Femme Petite, we have three different shades of covers offered in two different textures.

3. Peel off the cover over the adhesive part and press the nipple cover into place and hold for a few seconds.
4. Smooth over to make sure all the parts are stuck on well.
5. Repeat with the other nipple.
6. To remove, gently peel them off without using harsh vigorous movements.

Satin nipple covers are an easy and convenient way to keep your nipples safe and comfortable all summer long.